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landrover lr2 2008 – engine maintenance part 1

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Start learning how to maintain my 1st car. LandRover LR2, 3.2 L i6, petrol engine. Below is the first point for engine maintenance.

Engine oil needs to be checked regularly (weekly). Engine oil consumption is influenced by many factors. Under high loads an engine will consume more oil than usual. To check the engine oil use engine oil dipsticks and see if the oil is between min-max scale. Technically, you need to withdraw the dipstick and wipe the blade clean with a lint free cloth and then fully re-insert the dipstick and withdraw again to clearly see the oil level. NEVER allow the oil level to fall below the lower mark/notch on the dipstick.

Engine oil in my case needs to be replaced at least every 10000km. Recommended oil for landrover LR2 2008 is Castrol. Engine oil spec is OW-30 engine oil meeting ACEA A5/B5 spec.The approximate quantity of oil required the level from minimum to maximum on the distick is 1.2 litres (for petrol model only)

Point no. 2 for checking is engine coolant reservoir

This collant as per Wikipedia ( is a fluid which flows through a device to prevent its overheating, transferring the heat produced by the device to other devices that use or dissipate it. Hence this is very important, no collant means your engine can be overheated and damaged. In LR2, we will get warning from computer system if the coolant reservoir level drop below the recommendation. Currently I still have no idea the brand used for my car but I will ask my dealer soon, in the manual it’s only mentioned that it;s mixed between 50% water and 50% Texaco XLC antifreeze. Remember to always check things when engine is off and cool.

Please note that we can only use fresh (rain/distilled) water, water contains salt can make serious engine damaged so don’t use it.


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