Ady Wicaksono Daily Activities

Some Projects while running

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1. Aug 2007, Implement Kannel with connectivity to Mblox ( for InspironLogistic, USA. InspironLogistic products including WENS. Website
Application: Linux 2.6 (Fedora Core 3), Kannel + Patch for Mblox + SQLBox, MySQL

2. April 2007, Implement OMA SyncML Data Synchronization Setting Over The Air for Spiderboss (, Sweden.
Application: Linux 2.6 (Fedora), Java, WBXML, OMA DS Spec., Nokia/Ericsson Setting OTA Spec, OpenSMPP

3. Sept 2007, Implement WAP Push engine with connectivity with Zong ( and Esendex ( for Flexta (
Skillset: PHP, Push Proxy Gateway (PPG), Push Access Protocol

4. Sept 2007, Implement Kannel with connectivity to Opera ( for ListenerActive Pty Ltd (, Australia. Need to patch Kannel

5. 2006, Deliver SMS platform for ListenerActive Pty Ltd (, including kannel implementation + content management system to manage kannel connection, sms keyword, monitoring, …

6. 2006, Implement Postfix + Cyrus Email system based on Fedora Linux for Regional Investment, BKPM (

7. 2004, Implement Mobile eMail based on WAPMail + WAP Push for ease mail notification for PT Rekayasa Industri (

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October 17, 2007 at 1:09 pm

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